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What being born in June says about your taste in Home Decor

Have a June birthday? There’s a good chance you have an inviting outdoor space that brings friends and family together. Here’s why.

After a cold winter and a rainy spring, June is a sweet reprieve with warmer temps and plenty of sunshine. Inspired by the season, those born in the month of June are enjoying the buzzing energy as summertime – and their birthday – approaches.

A person’s birth month can say a lot about their personality, interests and taste in home décor. Here’s what it means for a home if the owner was born in June.

Artistic flare

Those born in June tend to have an artistic eye. They aren’t necessarily bogged down by minimalism or symmetry when it comes to how they design their homes – it’s most important for them to curate a space that reflects their passions and travels, with distinctive fixtures, stacks of books and plenty of houseplants.

Expressive in nature, people with June birthdays appreciate pops of color throughout the home and are, in fact, selective about what unique art hangs upon their walls. They may take extra time to fill blank spaces, but it’s only because they want each room to perfectly reflect their creative style.

A love for outdoor entertaining

It comes as no surprise that those with June birthdays take pride in their outdoor living space – they are born in a warm season, after all. The month that truly kicks off summertime calls for outdoor gatherings, barbecues and late nights around the fire pit. Whether it’s a yard, deck, patio or porch, those born in June love to furnish and decorate their outdoor living quarters to be an inviting place to spend quality time under the sun and stars with loved ones.

Plus, June birthdays are known for having a well-manicured lawn and potted plants scattered about. At this time of year, they bring their outdoor spaces to life with greenery, string lights and entertaining supplies – like a hanging bubble chair or new grilling equipment.

Colors of the season

June has three birthstones: pearl (creamy white), moonstone (an iridescent white with blue hues) and alexandrite (a jewel-toned color ranging from turquoise to fuchsia). Together, these colors represent the flourishing fauna of the season. Their vibrancy mirrors sunshine, water and trees – so it’s no surprise that June birthdays gravitate toward natural elements and wait all year for those bluebird days outside.

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