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Ways to Add Holiday Scents to Your Home

Sure, you’ve got your home all decked out for the holidays, but does it smell like the holidays? Make sure your space is filled with the sweet, comforting scents of the season, including clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, pine and fir. From DIY ideas to store-bought options, these simple tricks are sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

Light a Holiday Candle. Pick out a new candle in a seasonal scent like pumpkin, apple, balsam, cedar or cinnamon. Take it to the next level with a wood wick that crackles as it burns!

Make Pomanders. Clove-studded oranges, or pomanders, have been used for centuries to add a natural perfume to the air — especially during the holidays. With just a few ingredients, you can create your own pomanders and place them in a bowl or add them to a festive centerpiece.

Burn Incense. Known to reduce stress and help you unwind, incense can provide a cozy atmosphere and calming scent to your home.

Simmer a Pot of Spices. Make your own stovetop potpourri with items from your cupboard! Using a base of either apple cider or plain water, simmer a pot of orange slices, cloves, cinnamon and other seasonal spices when you want your home to smell festive.

Bake Cookies. Bake a batch or two of your favorite holiday cookies to fill your home with a sweet, comforting aroma. Check out these delicious holiday cookie recipes and get baking!

Switch Out Your Hand and Dish Soaps. Replace your soaps with seasonal scents you’ll love to sniff every time you wash your hands or do the dishes.

Scent Your Pine Cones. Gather some pine cones and spray them with a solution of water mixed with essential oils like cinnamon, apple or orange. Seal them in a bag for 24 hours to lock in the scent then let them air dry and fill your home with fragrance.

Happy Holidays!

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