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    The Art of Selling Memories

    The Art of Selling Memories

    The action of selling a property can feel more like selling a million memories.  Your family spent so many special moments in the home and it can feel difficult to let go of not just the location, but unneeded items.  Here we will consider what to take and what to leave when selling your home.

    1. Do You Really Need That Canoe?;  If the property you sold is waterfront but your new home is inland, it is unlikely you need that old canoe that has been sitting by your pond for years.  While your family has taken countless amazing rides on that water, moving that canoe to your new yard may not hold the same appeal.   It is important to consider whether you really need to take everything when moving and remember buyers will view these items as gifts which will assist with the selling process as a whole. 
    2. An Old Couch:  To keep or sell the furniture, that is the question.  It can be difficult to let go of that comfy old couch but sellers should consider including the furniture for an added cost when selling their homes.  It can be difficult to let go, but it is far easier to buy new furniture then deal with the hassle of moving large items, especially when downsizing. 
    3. The Gift of Décor:  While that painting may look beautiful in your current living room, will it really look amazing in your new location?  If your potential buyer is in love with your decorating style, it may be time to part ways with some décor and start imagining how you will decorate your new home.

    In general, it is important to remember that you decided to sell your home for a reason.  The things that fill it are just things and while the art of selling memories can be difficult, it can make the act of creating new memories in a new home far easier. 

    By Melanie Lutkowski

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