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10 spring cleaning tips for your allergy-free home

10 spring cleaning tips for your allergy-free home

By Mitch MitchellHOME MADEMARCH 4, 2021

Spring cleaning is traditionally thought of as an annual opportunity to scrub the entire house or condo from top to bottom — but it’s also a great time to turn your home into an allergy-free zone. While it may feel a bit overwhelming to take on such a big project, it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. 

We pulled together 10 tips that will help you spring into action and allergy-proof your home while you get it squeaky clean! Try any or all and enjoy your home all over again!

How to get a spotless and allergen-free home

TIP #1: Have a clear plan. For efficiency’s sake, the best way to tackle spring cleaning is one project at a time (or one room at a time). Having a strategy worked out in advance helps you stay focused by breaking your long list of chores into bite-size tasks that you’ll find more manageable and easier to tackle. 

TIP #2: Clean your cleaning supplies. We know it sounds like we’re asking you to wash a bar of soap, but hear us out. Your cleaning tools likely need some love too. Buy new sponges, change the vacuum filter, clear away the pet hair that’s stuck to your broom and replace the head of your mop (you know you need to). 

TIP #3: Clear the air. We’re not suggesting that you crack a window: that can actually let MORE allergens into your house, like tree pollen. Instead, change your heating unit and air conditioner filters, and consider purchasing an air purifier. This will significantly increase the quality of your air and reduce allergy symptoms. 

TIP #4: Declutter first. Pollen and dust bunnies love to hide behind the places where clutter forms, like toy chests and bookshelves. Spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to clean behind (or under) the things you usually clean around. You don’t have to go all Marie Kondo here, but you might want to take all the books off the shelf, shift furniture and large appliances out of the way and clean out that junk drawer. 

TIP #5: Get to the root of mold. Not only does mold look unsightly, but it also can wreak havoc on your allergies. It’s time to really scrub your shower, sink or anywhere else mold may be lingering. Repairing or refreshing the grout can help too. If mold is an issue in your bathroom, this is a good time to install an exhaust fan to reduce the moisture that comes from shower steam. 

TIP #6: Think top to bottom. Dust and allergens tend to gather in curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, windowsills, lamps and molding. Be sure to focus on higher spots first and then work your way down. The last thing you want is to have to redo the floors after you spent hours making them sparkle. 

TIP #7: Don’t snooze when it comes to cleaning your mattress. Sleeping snug as a bug? You can bet those dust mites are (yuck!). Spring is a great time to get rid of the dust mites that got cozy all winter. We recommend using a steamer to get the deepest clean — but baking soda and a vacuum will work also. After you’re done, encase your mattress, as well as your pillows and box spring, in dust-proof covers before re-making your bed. For an extra fresh feel, go for new sheets, too. You know you have a set that has seen better days

TIP #8: Refresh your area rugs. Rugs trap a ton of dirt, dust and grit. Even more if you have kids or pets, or both. Whether you take them outside for a good old-fashioned shake out or getting them professionally cleaned — paying a little bit of attention to your area rugs will go a long way toward refreshing your home. 

TIP #9: Upgrade your storage. Storing items — like Christmas decorations, winter coats and your kid’s unloved toys and games — in cardboard boxes can lead to dust, mold and mildew. Instead, swap them out for some plastic bins. Plastic is way better at keeping moisture out — plus, it looks cleaner and more organized so you can actually find things when you want them.

TIP #10: Clear out the closet. It’s time to finally address that musty old closet. When organizing a closet, we like to remove EVERYTHING first. Once your closet is empty, dust every shelf and purge all the dust bunnies. Then, go through your clothes and make a donation pile for anything you haven’t worn in the last twelve months. Many of us have either lost or gained a few pounds during the pandemic, so you can also get rid of the items that don’t fit anymore (unless they have sentimental value). 

Winter is coming (to a close) 

While spring is prime allergy season, home allergens like dust mites and mold can bother you year-round. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to finally tackle those pesky projects and transform your place into an allergen-free home. Draw up your checklist, put on your favorite playlist and get scrubbing!

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