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Those bingeworthy shows you’ve been watching? They’re providing research for your next move. See, all that time hasn’t been wasted after all.

If the last few months of working from home and self-isolation have taught us anything, it’s the art of tireless binge-watching. Our most beloved TV shows offer endless entertainment – but also future home-buying inspiration. Looking to do a little daydreaming of your own? Here are the TV homes we’re digging most during our quarantine binge-watching.

1. DJ Fuller’s house

TV ShowFuller House on Netflix

Why We Want to Buy It: In Netflix’s 30-years-later spinoff of Full House, the Tanner sisters are back living in their iconic childhood home. Located in San Francisco, the three-story Victorian is exactly what you picture when you think of the Bay Area city – probably because this very home came to epitomize its residential landscape back in the ’80s. Beyond the sentimental factor, the reasons to love this house are countless: a high living room ceiling, staircases in both the entryway and kitchen, and a third-story apartment just to name a few.

2. Jen Harding’s house

TV ShowDead to Me on Netflix

Why We Want to Buy It: Have you seen Jen Harding’s backyard? Though the setting for some pretty dramatic scenes, this outdoor space is the cherry on top of a gorgeous family home. The floor-to-ceiling windows on the back of the house look out onto a beautiful, rectangular in-ground pool. Equipped with LED lights around the water’s edge, this pool is ready to be used day or night. Plus, the exterior of the pool house matches that of the main house, bringing harmony to a home ridden with a great deal of chaos.

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3. The Roses’ mansion

TV ShowSchitt’s Creek on Netflix

Why We Want to Buy It: There’s only one way to describe the Rose family’s move from their mansion to the Rosebud Motel: a downgrade. In the show’s opening scene, the government raids their home and strips the family of all their personal belongings. As unfortunate as the situation is, the scene allows for an exploration of the enormous mansion. Where do we start in raving about this place? French doors on both the interior and exterior, marble columns and staircases as far as the eye can see, room after room of dark stained floors and gold accents on walls are just the beginning of features to obsess over. As much as we have come to love the Rosebud Motel, the original Rose mansion is on the top of our dream-home list.

4. Schmidt and Cece’s house

TV ShowNew Girl on Netflix

Why We Want to Buy It:  Lovingly named “Jaipur Aviv” by the newlyweds, Schmidt and Cece’s first home together needs a lot of renovating. Their fictional house-hunting process speaks truth to first-time homebuyers: The house you buy might not be what you originally dreamed of, but can be turned into whatever you want it to be. What we love most about this home is the living room’s hidden fireplace, which becomes the epicenter of inspiration and the catalyst for renovations. From that, the perfect home for entertaining – think a long, marble kitchen island paired with high stools for eating along with an open backyard enjoyable for children and adults alike – is born.


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