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5 Reasons New Construction Might Be Right for You

5 Reasons New Construction Might Be Right for You


If you’re looking at homes for sale, it might be worth adding some newly built houses to your list. There are plenty of good reasons – financial and lifestyle – that a new home could be the right home, and here are some of them.

  1. Cheaper maintenance. Upkeep of new homes can be more economical. One study shows owners of new homes ­– defined here as those that are four years old or less – spend significantly less than homeowners in general.
  2. More protection. A new home means new appliances and other systems that are still under warranty. Anyone who has dealt with a misbehaving dishwasher or hot water heater will appreciate the peace of mind that possible repairs will be covered.
  3. Energy efficiency. Because they’re often built using contemporary methods and materials, and include the latest appliances, many new homes tend to be more energy-efficient. For a certified green home, look for Energy Star designations and construction companies that specialize in energy-efficient structures.
  4. Your home, your taste. If you’re working directly with the builder or the developer, your new home will reflect many of your own preferences, down to the appliances, colors and layout. No need to spend your weekends on home-improvement chores to undo someone else’s work.
  5. New feels and looks good. It’s nice to move into a clean, fresh space that’s never been lived in before.

Remember, the decision whether to buy a new home or an older one is just one of many you will have to make during your house hunt. Let our team  guide you through all the variables.

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